How to choose your Denver Jeweler

10/20/2016 14:11

Getting married is a huge step in any person’s life, and the engagement ring that they shop for and purchase is a symbol of this big step in their life. Just like when you choose your life partner, the engagement ring is something that you want to be absolutely sure about when you purchase it. This means that you have to nail down the perfect combination of character, uniqueness, quality and cost all in one perfect ring. And you are going to be more likely to be successful in this endeavor if you have a good guide along the way in your custom jeweler. You want a jeweler that will work with you to find the perfect ring, not someone that is just trying to sell you the most expensive diamonds that they have. Here are a few tips to help you find the right Denver Jeweler:

  1. Look for someone that will listen to what you want and what your budget is. If during your first meeting they immediately dismiss your budget or try to show you pieces that are not in line with your vision, then they are not listening to you. You can always try to realign their expectations, but if you feel pushed or rushed in anyway, walk about instead of buying.
  2. You want your jeweler to have credentials from a reputable source like the GIA (Gemological Institute of America.) These credentials are recognized around the world. They should be knowledgeable about diamonds as well as different gemstones, and they should be able to clearly communicate that information to you.
  3. The Jeweler should be established. Chances are good that you will be visiting your jeweler again and again in the years to come for regular jewelry maintenance and repair – and don’t forget anniversary gifts down the road! You want a jeweler that has been around for a while and plans to stay around for many years to come.
  4. Wide selection. Does your jeweler offer custom jewelry options as well as rings that already have settings? This will give you the option to choose what type of ring you would like.
  5. All of their diamonds and other gems are certified. They should be able to produce the certificate for any of the stones that you look at. If you are looking at purchasing a natural diamond, you should also ask to see certification that the diamond is conflict free, meaning that the diamond was ethically sourced and is not a blood diamond.
  6. They show you the quality of each diamond. They will look over loose diamonds with you and show you how to observe the 4 C’s of the diamond so that you can see how they classify the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Of course you will not become an expert after just one visit to the jeweler, but you will be able to see the difference between some gemstones and that will make it easier for you to make a decision on what diamonds you want in your ring.


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